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AdCracker products on USB Flash drive:

For best video viewing of AdCracker on the USB Flash drive, we strongly recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser for your PC or Mac.

Chrome is resource efficient. It's free. And you do not need to set it as your primary browser.

Once installed, simply launch Chrome, and go > File > Open file. Then navigate to the index.htm file. Or you can open AdCracker, select the index.htm file, then click Open with ... to select the browser of your choice.

- Some versions of Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) return this false error message:

"Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player."

No Flash update is necessary to play the content. However, we recommend you use Chrome for viewing.

AdCracker products on CD-ROM:

The AdCracker CDs use very simple technology. If you can surf the Web and view Flash video or animations, you will be able to run your AdCracker CD.

PCs can run the CD by placing it in the CD-ROM drive, and if you have AutoPlay enabled, the CD will automatically find and launch the default Web browser that is installed on your computer, such as Internet Explorer or Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

You will use the Web browser to navigate through the CD. But you do not need to connect to the Internet.

Macs can run AdCracker CD from the CD-ROM drive, but few Macs have autorun enabled. So copy the files from the CD to a new folder on the hard drive as described below.

If your Mac doe not recognize the CD, restart your Mac with the CD in the drive.

Problem: AdCracker CD fails to launch after you place it in the CD-ROM drive.


1) Open and close the CD drive several times. Then restart your computer.

2) If #1 doesn't work, take another autorun CD that you have used before, such as the installation CD for a printer, and place it into the CD drive to see if autorun is working on that CD.

Next, restart your computer and try your AdCracker CD again.

3) Enable AutoPlay on your PC or AutoStart on your Mac. (Sometimes called AutoRun.) If you don't know how, search help on your OS documentation, or Google search for instructions on your operating system.

For PCs running Windows XP or later, Google this phrase:

CD-ROM Does Not Run Automatically After You Insert It into Your CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive

4) Create a new folder named AdCracker.CD, copy the files from the CD to that folder, then copy the root "index.htm" file to your desktop.

5) As a backup launch method, either:

- Double-click the "index.htm" file on the CD-ROM.

- Launch your Web browser. Then navigate to the" index.htm" file. Example: Open Internet Explorer. File > Open > Browse > CD Drive (D) > index.htm

Problem: Flash video clips do not play.


1) Download and install the latest version of the free Adobe Flash player.

To get it, Google: Free Flash player. Or go to the Adobe Flash web site.

Tech notes & issues:

> Windows Service Pack 2 has security features that can interfere with the Flash video. Disable the yellow warning band at the top of the browser window. For example, click “Allow blocked content” if you encounter that error message.

> Some Mac Operating Systems have trouble displaying the Flash video TV commercials on the CD. To solve this, copy the CD to the hard drive as previously indicated.

> Rather than run the CD from your CD-ROM drive, Mac and PC users can create a new folder named AdCrackerCD, copy the files from the CD to that folder, then copy the root index.htm file to your desktop.

You may only copy the files to one PC or one Mac under the terms of a single user license agreement.


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