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Advertising ideas come in several flavors.

If you own a small business, your "advertising idea" might be a postcard mailer, a radio or TV spot, perhaps AdWords text ads or a print ad in the local newspaper. That's media.

If you are a copywriter or an art director at a multinational ad agency then the term "advertising idea" means something quite different.

You get paid to think conceptually, so your "ad idea" might be a vivid metaphor to position the product in a crowded market.

Or a sketch of a memorable brand character.

Or perhaps a compelling direct response offer. Those are creative concepts. And that's what we feature here.

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Example ads are from AdCracker's > Creative Inspiration set
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Advertising ideas on AdCracker include:

- Strategic communications such as > branding, > positioning or > direct response.

- Tactical concepts, or > advertising techniques, such as dramatic conflict, problem / solution, or sex.

- Creative media such as performance art, ambient displays or dimensional mail.
> Creative media
is anything that involves communicating in unexpected ways or unexpected places. Here, the world is your stage. And imagination is your tool.

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