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Brand Definitions

It is surprisingly rare to find a marketing practitioner who can say, "This is how my company defines our brand, and this is how we express that brand in social media, advertising and customer communications."

What is a brand?

Let's begin at the beginning, with the most basic questions. What is a brand? And where does it exist?

Almost everyone has an idea, an informal definition of a "brand" floating around inside their heads.

You probably do as well. But it is surprisingly rare to find a marketing practitioner who can say, "This is how my company defines our 'brand, and this is how we express that brand throughout our organization."

Go to any marketing meeting, and on one side of the table you'll find people who think "brand" means "logo and color scheme." On the other side of that same table you'll find those who believe that "brand" exists, evolves, in the hearts and minds of the audience.

It is important for client and creative to share a common understanding, a common definition of 'brand.' So if you don't have a clear definition, make that your first step.

Here's how AdCracker defines 'brand.'

"A brand is the sum of all feelings, thoughts and visual memories - positive and negative - that people in the target audience have about a company, a product or service."

Steve McNamara, AdCracker.Com.

How about your brand?

This definition of a brand means several things. For one, it means that the "brand" resides in the minds of the audience, not in a thing such as a logo.

it also means that a "brand" is constantly evolving as people experience new information about the company, the product or service. A brand is more like a cloud than a rock.

Finally, this definition means that you can use the same creative techniques to shape any brand, whether a corporate brand, product brand, business to business or business to consumer brand.

Creative branding examples


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