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Brand Visual Identity

A visual identity is how you dress the brand. And how you dress the brand influences what your audience thinks about the brand.

Brand image, or brand identity, consists of a set of visual standards, icons and symbols that identify the brand.

The visual identity includes everything from office / retail store design to typography. Here are some of most prominent visual elements to consider:

- Color scheme
- Logo
- Uniforms
- Signage
- Typography
- The layout and look of web, print, TV, and other media
- Ambient interior icons: A fresh-daily bowl of apples in every office
- Ambient exterior icons: Giant pink piggy banks
- Convention booth design
- Photographic style
- Vehicle graphics: Car / Van / Truck / Plane / Bicycles /
- Interior office design
- Architectural style
- Stationary: letterhead, envelopes, labels
- Packaging

Smaller companies will have a smaller list of visual identifiers, while large companies frequently have a design and usage manuel.

Creative tip: Visual identity is just one aspect of a brand. There are other branding techniques that have a visual aspect, such as a brand character. Also, the brand's visual identity should be compatible with the brand's personality and story.

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