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This chapter is about branding for creative people - for writers, art directors, marketers and small business owners who bring brands to life in print, TV, or Websites.

This is branding from the creative point of view, with step-by-step ways to create brands that can compete with the likes of Apple, Nike, or Burger King.

Here you'll find simple yet sophisticated ways to create "big brand ideas" that win hearts, change minds, and earn money for your clients.

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Brand Characters

- Several ways to create brand characters.

Brand Image

- Brand identity, visuals and symbols. A checklist of the visual aspects of your brand.

Brand Development

- How to create and characterize a world-class brand.

Brand Definitions

- What is a brand? And how to define your brand.

Brand Personality

- How to create a brand personality.

Building Brand Relationships

- How to build relationships between the brand and the audience.

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