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How To Write A Creative Brief

A creative brief is like a road map. A great brief leads to imaginative and persuasive ads, Websites or videos. And gets you there quickly.

A bad brief starts you off in the wrong direction. So you have to stop, figure out where the heck you're going, and start again. Or worse, you follow that brief to Trash Town, a total waste of time.

Creative brief slideshow

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Creative brief slideshow / Flash video:

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How to write the objective for a creative brief.

The creative brief objective should always be clear and specific. Never ambiguous or overloaded.

A beautiful objective looks like this:

"The purpose of this campaign is to position ElectroQuick as a less expensive, equally effective alternative to BigBrand."

An ugly objective looks something like this:

"The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness, generate blogger buzz, and create excitement for the client's new ElectroQuick by positioning the client as a leader in innovative global technology with a uniquely humanistic yet professional and sophisticated brand image that compares favorably to BigBrand."

One way to write a lovely objective is to specify what the audience should think, feel or do.

Here are some examples from the slideshow that demonstrate how 'Think, Feel, Do' objectives can be expressed on the creative brief, then translated into ads. The slideshow, above, also includes example TV commercials

Objective: to think

Here's an example objective - and the resulting ad - when you want the audience to think, to understand:

The objective of this ad is to get the audience to
understand and believe that Mr. Clean cleans the toughest stains.

Creative objective: to feel

Here's an example objective - and the resulting ad - when you want the audience to feel an emotion or an experience:

The objective of this ad is for the audience to
experience what it feels like to wear a Wonderbra


Creative objective: to do

Here's an example objective - and the resulting ad - when you want the audience to take action, to do something.

The objective of this ad is to get the audience to
click and sign up for Netflix with a free trial membership to get started.

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