Advanced Skills

Here are some advanced ways to make better ads, faster - which will help you pitch and win new biz.

> SWOT - How to conduct a SWOT analysis

- How to get the big business picture on a small budget with this simple process.

> Brainstorm - How to conduct a brainstorming session

- How to get a lot of great ideas in a short period of time.

> Theory - First principles: think, feel, do.

- What is the first thing your ad, blog or video must accomplish?

> Strategy - How to create an advertising strategy

- What's going on in your market, and what are you going to do about it?

> Ideas - How to create advertising ideas.

- First, understand the difference between a medium and a message.

> Plan - How to write an advertising plan

- Where are you going, how will you get there, and how will you know you have arrived?


> iConceptor - a digital tool to create ad ideas.

Kind of like a creative partner who is always there and never gets weird.


> How to create better ideas, faster - PDF


> How to evaluate creative work - PDF


> How to pitch & win new business - PDF

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+ A complete set of creative briefs, templates and samples - plus DIY workshops and 3 ways to get consumer insights.

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