How to Build Brands and Drive Sales with Powerful Advertising ideas from Scroll down for the Flash version which includes video and TVCs.

How To Create Advertising Ideas

AdCracker will help you create advertising copy and visual concepts that build brands and drive sales.
And you'll do so faster and bolder than ever.

Here's how:

You'll start with practical ways to get consumer insights, and a selection of professional creative briefs. Next, you'll find tutorials on all the strategic creative skills, from branding to direct response, with hundreds of example TV, print, digital and social media examples.


- Three DIY ways to get consumer insights. And tips to create a persona, that handy little portrait of your target audience.

Creative Briefs

- A complete set of creative briefs for every type of project, with samples, templates, and instructional slideshow: How to write a creative brief.


Strategic Communication Tools

- Here's how to build brands and drive sales with strategic creative tools - branding, positioning and direct response. Plus, creative ways to use media.

a AdCracker Workshops & Digital Books

- AdCracker products are used in over 100 countries by thousands of creative professionals for advanced training and concept development. Check 'em out here.

Creative Advertising Techniques

- A collection of contemporary advertising techniques with example TV, print and digital ads. You'll see the types of headlines, copy and visuals that engage and persuade.

Inspirational Advertising Ideas

- A contemporary collection of the world's best advertisements, featuring example TV commercials, print, digital and social media.

Extra Tools and Advanced Skills

- How to write an advertising plan, conduct a SWOT analysis, craft a strategy and mega mucho more.

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