How To Get Consumer Insights

A consumer insight is like a true confession from Trisha Target - a simple truth that applies to a significant set of your target audience.

A consumer insight will help you understand why people buy, why they don't buy, or some other aspect of the way they think, feel or behave.

Consumer insights will also help you sell your work to clients. And more important, insights help your ads sell the client's products and services.

> How to get consumer insights with CIT

- Consumer Involvement Theory - CIT - gives you a fast way to learn a lot about consumer behavior.

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> How to get insights with client interviews

- Who to interview and what to ask to get consumer insights from the client.

> How to get insights with customer interviews

- How to contact and interview customers to get consumer insights.

> How to create a persona

- Bring the audience to life as a Larry or Linda. Clients love to see personas. Writers, designers and art directors love them even more.


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