Creative Positioning

How to position: brand, company, product or service

You intuitively understand the concept of positioning. That's because you do it all the time - your mind packages information, then labels it, to simplify a complex world. That's positioning.

Positioning is so simple, yet so powerful. It can be:

- The easiest way to revive a failing brand.

- The fastest way to interest readers in a new blog.

- The most memorable way to describe yourself on social media sites.
"Hi. I'm Steve, the AdCracker guy."


Key creative idea: Positioning is that One Thing

Position is that one descriptive sentence or slogan or image the brand is known for.

That one specific idea that first comes to mind about the product.

That one characteristic that sets the service apart from competitors.

For the brand Volvo, that one thing is "Safety."

In Jakarta, Indonesia, Bluebird is "The safest way to travel by taxi."

And everyone knows Avis "tries harder."


How you position your brand, product, or company might be the most important aspect of your marketing communications plan.

Positioning can be expressed in many ways, from a simple slogan to an entire campaign.

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