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ProSkills is AdCracker's proprietary training program for marketing and advertising professionals. It is used daily at agencies, design shops and marcom groups.

ProSkills is currently included free with AdCracker's Creative Director and Creative Manager sets.

For an enhanced teaching / training experience, select the Creative Manager set which includes three seminar presentations that complement the ProSkills activities.

The ProSkills learn-by-doing advertising workshops are self-paced and divided into four modules. There are six workshop assignments in each module, 24 workshop sessions total.

> Workshop preparation - pick a project

> Module 201: Account strategy and planning.

> Module 301: Creative development.

> Module 401: Brand creation and development.

> Module 501: Direct response theory and practice.

Who will benefit:

ProSkills is aimed at junior to mid level working professionals in the marketing and advertising community. It is also popular with teachers / educators, business owners, and talented people eager to learn the advertising business.

Senior agency staff may find ProSkills a valuable way to refresh their knowledge since the example ads and campaigns feature some of the latest trends, and best work, from around the world.

Here are the topics you will explore on the ProSkills advertising workshops:

- Advanced creative brief writing.
- Insight into consumer behavior.
- Branding theory and examples.
- Direct response theory and examples.
- Positioning: company, products and services.
- Brand creation and characterization.
- Advertising strategy.
- Creative concept development.
- Creative productivity.
- Effective ad techniques with samples.
- Creative games.
- Advanced presentation skills.


- ProSkills is the only CD-based training course that touches the full spectrum of agency / marcom skills: creative, account planning, strategy, and new business development.

- It is an inexpensive way to motivate and develop the agency and marcom staff.

- It will improve both the quality and quantity of creative work your team produces.

- The workshops reflect the wisdom of the best brand, direct marketing and creative thinkers on the planet.

- And ProSkills is packed with creative games, brainstorming techniques, an advanced creative brief, strategic planning tools, and an IdeaMachine to trigger brilliant ideas.

- ProSkills is simple to use. The lessons stick to brains. And it's fun, in a creative sort of way.

- Advertising training and staff development has never been easier, or more economical.

All participants receive a workshop Certificate of Achievement.


ProSkills works best when you set aside a specific time each week to work on assignments and review the results.

A typical schedule would see the workshop participants meeting every Wednesday from 11:30 to 1:30 p.m.. The company would provide lunch - sandwiches or sushi. And the first hour would be devoted to reviewing work from the previous week.

At the begriming of the second hour, the Creative Director, or other leader of the workshop, would introduce the next workshop assignment, answer any questions.

The remainder of the second hour is left to workshop participants to get started on the assignment due the following week.

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