New Creative Manager set

The Creative Manager set - CMS40 - is the fastest way for creative teams and individuals to develop advanced creative skills.

It features 3 training workshops, a complete set of creative briefs, the 60 most effective creative techniques ... plus 1000s of contemporary example ads.

Here's what you get:


You get 3 "how to, what works" creative workshops
to enhance your creative skills and productivity.

Module # 1 Advanced brief writing and consumer insights

Module # 2 Strategic branding, positioning, direct response and
unconventional media

Module # 3 Persuasive copywriting and creative techniques.

Each workshop module has slideshows, handouts, and creative activities.

- The slideshows are designed for projector or computer screen presentations to groups. You can also view them individually on any laptop or desktop, PC or Mac.

- You can use the hand-out activities to create complete campaigns - from start to finish - with concepts, copy and visual sketches. Or you can quickly click through the slideshows for insights and inspiration.

- One big benefit: you and your team will learn fresh ways to create bold concepts.

See "Workshop details" at the bottom of this page for more features and benefits.

Creative Brief set

You get instant online access to a complete set of
creative briefs, templates and samples.

- An editable creative brief template in .doc, .pages, .pdf, and .rtf formats.

- 9 specialized creative briefs, plus sample briefs and pro tips on .pdf.

- Multimedia slideshow, "How to write a creative brief" which includes TV commercials, video and sample ads.

- 3 ways to discover actionable consumer insights. Plus, you'll learn how to create vivid personas that bring the audience to life as a Larry or a Linda.

Creative Inspiration set

You get a Creative Inspiration set with 1000s of traditional, digital and social media advertisements.

- Featuring contemporary TV, print and digital ads that embody the best branding, direct response and creative techniques.

- Ads are in "click-next" albums for easy navigation. TV and video are high quality .mp4. All raw image and video files are accessible on the Flash drive.

- Includes an album with case studies, social media and ambient ads.

- Two specialty albums feature 100s of the world's best TV commercials - including inexpensive productions, emotionally powerful themes and high concept plot twists. An invaluable collection if you work with stories or video.



You get everything you need to build brands and drive sales with strategic advertising ideas.

The focus here is HOW TO and WHAT WORKS.

- Individual sections cover each strategic creative tool - from branding to positioning, direct response to unconventional media.

- Includes the top 10 branding techniques, top 10 positioning strategies and top 10 direct response offers.

- Each section features live examples from contemporary creative campaigns.


You get gigs of tools to cure the creative blahs.

Even the best writers and designers have brain dead days. So here are some tools when that happens to you.

- 60 creative techniques. The best copy and design techniques to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotion, and change what people think.

- Professional practices: How to creative an advertising plan. How to create a communications strategy. How to pitch & win new business.

- A full-featured iConceptor: a proprietary a digital tool to stimulate your create juices and help you create ad ideas. Great way to get started on a new project.



You also get an instant online access account.
And you can get it all right now.

- Your Creative Manager online account has exactly the same content as the Creative Manager set. And you will get account activation info via a link at the bottom of your email receipt.

Ships on a high capacity Flash drive. In a lightweight brushed metal case.

- Your Creative Manager set ships via FedEx Priority Air for international orders, and USPS Priority Mail for US orders.

- All content on the Creative Manager set ships on one super-fast, 8 gigabyte, PC / Mac compatible Flash drive.


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New Creative Manager set $48

+ Free Creative Manager online account



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Workshop Details: Real world. Real results.

The workshops are based on the creative development process at an international ad agency, and are exactly the same presentations used in the five star rated Live! Creative Workshops presented by Steve McNamara.

- The workshops contain proprietary information on direct response and branding techniques. So you'll get rare insights into the creative development process ... from initial strategy through creative briefs to the techniques that work best.

- The Creative Manager workshops are an excellent value for real-world, professional training. The cost is a fraction - a small fraction - of comparable seminars or classes. And they work just as well for large groups as for individuals.

- The 3 workshop modules are each divided into sections. The new creative brief workshop, for example, has 5 sections:

1 - Why Write A Creative Brief?
2 - How to Collect Information, Extract Insights
3 - How To Write A Classic Creative Brief
4 - Advanced Brief Writing Tips
5 - Workshop Activities on PDF

Unconventional Uses

The multimedia workshops make excellent educational presentations to clients, prospects and local business organizations. Teach to sell. Raise your profile. Win new business.

- Present "Lunch & Learn" seminars. Your place or the client's conference room. This is a proven way to get more business from current clients.

- Co-sponsor a seminar with your local ad club or chamber of commerce. As both an educational event and a way to recruit new members.

- Conduct a campaign development day. Each module takes you step-by-step through the creative process. In the end you'll have a complete campaign - or three - and scores of individual ads. This process works for individuals or teams.

Agencies such as Ogilvy, Publicis and JWT use the presentations to conduct
one-day staff development workshops. For the price, it's the best professional training program on the planet.

There are many ways to use the Creative Manager multimedia presentations, and you'll use them for many years to come. You can train your team. Kick-start brainstorming sessions. And learn a trick or 20 yourself.

All workshops are subject to revision or change.

About AdCracker:

- AdCracker creates digital training and concept development tools.

- We've been in business on the Internet since 2001.

- Today, AdCracker products are used worldwide by thousands of freelancers, creative teams and educators to create ideas and learn advanced creative skills.


Creative Manager set $48

+ Free Creative Manager online
+ Free Creative Brief set



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