2016 Creative Director set

The Creative Director set features advanced HOW TO guides, briefing forms, instructional slideshows and over 1,000 contemporary TV, print, social media and digital ads.

Today, Creative Director sets are used worldwide by copywriters, designers, marketing managers and educators.

And for you, Dear Reader, it's an economical way to create original concepts, copy and designs - faster and bolder than ever.


Start with a complete set of creative briefs, templates and samples - plus 3 ways to get consumer insights.

- 9 specialized creative briefs, sample briefs, instructional slideshow, and pro tips.

- An editable creative brief template in .doc, .pages, and .rtf formats.

- DIY guide to capturing consumer insights and creating personas that bring the audience to life as a Linda or Larry.

What you really get are current best practices for capturing info, discovering insights and writing briefs - the first steps to ads that are authentic and convincing.

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Next, you get 30 strategic and 30 tactical creative techniques, plus unconventional media ideas.

- 30 powerful copy and design techniques to attract attention, engage minds, evoke emotion, and change what people think.

- 30 powerful strategic techniques for branding, positioning and direct response results.

- New approaches to unconventional media, with 100s of unconventional, guerrilla, and outdoor marketing examples.

What you really get are fresh ways to boost sales and build lasting creative advantage for your client.

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You get gigs of content to escape the creative doldrums and find that Big Idea to win a new client.

- A full-featured iConceptor: a proprietary digital tool to stimulate your create juices and create lots of ad ideas, fast. A new way to start a new project.

- Multiple Ad Albums featuring over 1,000 contemporary TV, print and digital ads. Includes remarkable collections of TV commercials, case studies and unconventional campaigns.

- New ways to pitch & win, brainstorm, and conceptualize killer strategies.

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You get a four-part creative brief workshop - plus 7 workshop activity books for advanced concept development, from briefs to branding.

- Click through the creative brief slideshows for ideas, insights and inspiration - quick and easy.

- Use activity books to craft a brief, create a brand or position a new product - from start to finish.

- Present the slideshows to groups via projector or computer screen. Or view them individually on any laptop or desktop, PC or Mac.

What you really get is the world's most advanced creative brief workshop along with activity books to kick your conceptual creative skills into a new orbit.

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You also get an instant online access account,
so you can get it all, right now.

- Creative Director sets currently include a free instant online access account with exactly the same content as your Creative Director set on USB Flash drive. Look for the activation link on the email receipt sent when you order.

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Creative Director set
ISBN-10: 0-692-67834-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-692-67834-3

Price: $68

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Creative Director set
ISBN-10: 0-692-67834-4
ISBN-13: 978-0-692-67834-3

Price: $68
+ Free shipping, USA
+ Free Instant online access account



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