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Advertising Techniques

Creative advertising techniques are communication tools - the tools you use to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotion, and change what people think.

All of which can lead to clicks, calls and customers.

You'll make stronger ads if you use the techniques that work best for your product or service - in traditional, social and digital media.

> 1 Create an interesting character.

> 2 Introduce a human touch: personification.

> 3 Take it over the top: exaggeration.

> 4 Pick a niche: demographic positioning.

> 5 Say it symbolically: metaphors and similes.

Advertising Techniques Slideshow

> Slideshow How to use creative advertising techniques.

> 6 Evoke an emotional response.

> 7 Promise a specific benefit.

> 8 Persuade with credible testimonials.

> 9 Lead with a problem, then offer a solution.

> 10 Engage with dramatic conflict.

> 11 Express rational and emotional reasons.

> 12 Tell a simple visual story.

> 13 Sell with sex.

> 14 Demonstrate intense or hidden motivation.

> 15 Get really, really real.


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