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Extreme Exaggeration

Exaggeration - it's an advertising technique that is both fun and effective. And it's easy to work with, easy to brainstorm.

Take the basic idea you want to communicate, your concept, then exaggerate it. Take it to extremes. Push it beyond reason, beyond reality. In the copy. With visuals. Or both.

Exaggerate a benefit. Exaggerate a problem. Exaggerate size, the physical appearance.

Just make sure to exaggerate your exaggeration. Because a Godzilla sized exaggeration is interesting, and a powerful way to get communicate your concept. A small exaggeration is simply a misleading ad.

Creative tip: An interesting approach is to exaggerate the visual, but understate the copy. Or exaggerate the copy and keep the visual simple.

To work with this technique, it can help to simplify your message, the main thing you want to say, into one sentence or one visual. Then let your imagination push it from there, all the way to outrageous exaggeration.

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