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Interesting Character

This advertising technique is all about creating a character, or cast of characters, that add recognition and story value to your campaign.

Your character could be an actor playing a role, such as a psychiatrist or the Queen of Nimbus. Or you might go with an illustrated / animated / cartoon character. Or how about a living cat or dolphin?

You have total freedom to create the character and define the role he, she, they or it plays in the advertising.

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Creative tip: While a "brand character" should represent the personality and other aspects of the brand, an invented character does not. So take a risk with characters that are, well, out of character with the brand's personality.

Some of the world's most memorable advertising campaigns have been built on invented characters. And many of the best of those characters do not reflect the brand personality, values or appearance.

Like a good movie or book, your character needs to be interesting. Different. Unexpected. With lots of personality. Quirky behavior. Or strongly expressed views.

These engaging, out-of-the-ordinary characters will grab attention because they break through the clutter, stand apart from the crowd.

Advertising techniques


Advertising techniques

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