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What would a customer do to get a new Tark? Walk a mile? Cheat his wife at cards? Steal one from a child? Why does everyone want a Tark, anyway?

Why do people shop, select and buy as they do?

Do they love your client's pogo sticks? Do they hate the competitors non-existent customer service? Are they compulsive comparison shoppers? Do they buy famous brands as an expression of their ego?

These are the areas you'll explore with this technique.

- What would a man do to save money on his expensive cellular service? Would he learn to talk super fast, or in code?

- How would a buyer behave who loved his new uGo car? Refuse to get out?

- How do banking customers react when leaving their branch after spending way too much time in line? Do they literally blow their heads off?

Advertising Techniques Slideshow

> Slideshow How to use creative advertising techniques.

Creative tip: Explore circumstances. Sometimes a situation can influence motive and dictate action.

Say, for example, our friend Ms. Kara is in the grocery store and notices people sprinting past her towards a Pepsi display. They fill their shopping carts with six packs of soda then hurry off. As Kara gets closer, one shopper takes the reaming few packs.

What would Kara do?

Advertising techniques


Advertising techniques

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