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This technique - personification - can help you create ads that are more interesting, human and engaging -
and ultimately, more relevant to your audience.

You can turn a product into a person by giving it human abilities, such as speech, thought or emotion.

You can also give human characteristics to an abstract idea, such as "hunger" or "greed."

If you're working on an ad for a service, consider creating a visual icon that can be personified. What, for example, would a wallet or a credit card say about a particular bank?

You can also blend something about the product into a real person. For example, to depict a person who is immersed in digital gadgetry you might give them computer screen heads.

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Creative tip: The idea or object that you personify does not have to relate to the product or service being sold. You could, for instance introduce a talking photograph into your ad for humor or for snarky dialog - something to make the add more interesting, engaging and memorable.

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