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Problem / Solution

Use this technique to grab and engage people who have the problem. Or people who want to avoid getting the problem.

Problems. Everyone has them. And some products solve them.

If your product or service is a problem solver, get the problem up front, in the headline, in the opening shot.

Later in your ad, commercial, or mailer you'll explain how your product solves the problem. But the focus of the ad, the concept, should be about the problem.

This technique works particularly well when your target audience has a big problem, a big concern. The bigger the problem, the better it works.

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Creative tip: Problem / solution is most effective when addressing real problems. But you can also use it in a variety of creative ways. For example, you might use it to suggest a problem that some in the audience would actually like to have.

"Problem # 3 with SPIKE cologne:
Women touch you in elevators."

Advertising techniques

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