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In real life photos are out of focus, never perfectly cropped. Real life has unexpected burps. Real life is honest. And honesty is persuasive.

You'd think it would be easy to be honest, to be real with creative communications. But it's not. Authenticity is difficult to achieve. Here are some creative approaches that can help.

- Use real people in your ads. Not models. Just average folks, blemishes and all. Or use a celebrity - a famous person - who has a reputation for honesty and integrity.

- Show what people really think. About the opposite sex, their job or the relatives. And of course, about your client's product or service.

- Show how people really feel. About money, their spouse or financial security in old age. And of course, about your client's product or service.

- For FMCGs, realism might be found in the history of the product. For instance, you could explore the feelings a young housewife has towards her mother who used the same product while she was growing up.

- For a B2B products you might explore feelings of competitiveness, the desire to excel or to avoid failure. And there's always the drive to make money, money money.

- For luxury consumer good, consider ads that explore feelings related to "keeping up with, or surpassing, the Jonses. " That is, the desire to be better then the guy next door, or the woman in the office down the hall. Here we're talking about envy or jealousy.

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Creative tip: Realism can be expressed in the visual treatment of the ad. One way to do that, grab a cell phone and make your ad.

Realism can also be expressed in the copy, the theme or concept of the communication. Or all of those things together. And,like many creative techniques, there is a spectrum from moderate to extreme in the way you get really real.

Creative advertising techniques


Advertising techniques

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