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Rational And Emotional Reasons

Give your audience "reasons why" they should try or buy. But don't stop with the practical or rational. Give them emotional or whimsical reasons as well.

This technique gives you a great theme for your next brainstorming session:

The objective of this session is to create a list
of rational and emotional - practical and whimsical -
reasons why folks should buy the client's iGizmo.

Here are some responses:

"Your mother will hate it."

"A super-responsive keyboard lets you send messages faster than ever."

"Your friends will be envious, and want one."

"It works even if it gets rained on or dropped into water."

"You can select your own custom colors and accents to make it uniquely expressive of your personality and style."

"it can be attached to any computer monitor with the software and computing power of a PC."

"It costs less, and does more, than an iPhone"

You get the idea. Give your audience a mix of smart, whimsical, practical, and emotional reasons to stop by, try, check it out, click, call and buy.

Then take the best of the reasons why and list them on the creative brief.

Advertising Techniques Slideshow

> Slideshow How to use creative advertising techniques.

Creative tip: A common mistake with many ads is that they start with the strongest reason, then list a few more reasons in descending order of importance to the viewer or reader. That results in an ad that looses steam, fades away, goes limp at the end.

Try this instead: Use your strongest reason first. And your second most compelling reason last.

Advertising Techniques


Advertising techniques

Advertising techniques

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