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The testimonial technique has a double advantage. It can be an effective way to engage and interest your audience.

And testimonials can also a great way to characterize the brand's personality and relationship with the audience.

You can get testimonials from famous, infamous, or just plain interesting folks. Here are some categories:

The advantage is instant recognition and interest. Just make sure you select a celebrity who has an image that is compatible with your brand personality. (A testimonial, by the way, requires that the the celeb actually uses the product. A "celebrity presenter" simply talks about the product.) Below, actress Kate Winslet for American Express.

Interesting users.
Select real users who also happen to be interesting or amusing in themselves. Perhaps they have a bold personality, or an interesting job. Or an unusual appearance. Or perhaps they've accomplished something that sets them apart, like winning the bronze medal in the 20 km walking race at the 2000 Olympics.

The doctor, the scientist, the computer whiz, the professional chef. These are people we look up to. People who have credibility because of their general or specific expertise.

Average citizen.
The average citizen tries the product in the ad. Or explains why she switched. Or the benefits he now enjoys. They reflect a mirror image of the target audience, and that's what makes them believable.

You can have a little fun with this technique by selecting or creating unusual characters to sample the product and report on their experience.


- Dead artists and inventors, such as Michelangelo or Leonardo Da Vinci.

- Retired politicians, local or international.

- The 156th man to climb mount Everest.


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