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Visual Simplicity

Use this technique to tell a visual story - to communicate the main idea of the ad with just a photograph or illustration.

It could be a visualization of a product benefit, or a problem the service can solve. Or an important product feature.

But focus on the picture or illustration. Not the words. And no 'smiling faces,' or 'happy customer' cliches, OK?

Later you may need to add a dash of copy. But to start, bend your brain on a visual. Like the ad that shows a safety pin bent into the shape of a Volvo to symbolize safety. Which demonstrates how a picture can communicate information faster than words.

Creative advertising techniques

Pictures or drawings? Readers tend to prefer photographs over illustrations because they are more believable, more real.

Illustrations are appropriate when your concept is very abstract, or too expensive to actually photograph. Or when you have an idea that lends itself to a stylish drawing.

Advertising Techniques Slideshow

> Slideshow How to use creative advertising techniques.

Creative tip: Consider mixing photography with illustration. Or play with your photo in the computer to produce a fresh visual treatment.

Creative advertising techniques

Creative advertising techniques

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