Ad Cracker

Advanced Advertising Skills
To Build Brands and Drive Sales In
Traditional and Digital Media

The Creative Director multimedia set is a working tool for creative professionals.

It gives you professional best practices for creative concept development - from capturing insights to writing briefs, from creating brands to crafting copy.

It also gives you gigs of contemporary examples in traditional, digital and social media.

Starting right here, right now, you will work faster, smarter and bolder with these advanced concept development tools:

> Insights+
- Three fast, easy and inexpensive ways to collect consumer information and extract insights. And while you're at it, see how to create a persona, that handy little portrait of your target audience.

> Creative Briefs
- How to write a creative brief, including a set of creative briefs for every type of project, with samples, templates, and instructional slideshows. Plus a self-paced workshop for individuals and teams.

> Strategic Creative Tools
- Here's how to create a lasting competitive advantage in the market with strategic creative tools: branding, positioning, direct response and media.

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> Creative Advertising Tactics
- A comprehensive catalog of effective advertising techniques with examples in TV, print, social media and digital ads. Here you'll find the concepts, headlines, copy and visuals that engage and persuade.

> Advertising Album
- A rotating selection of ads from the Creative Director set. Features contemporary TV, print, digital and social media examples ... plus unconventional campaigns and case studies.

> The X Skills
- The extra skills every creative communicator should have in her head, such as how to pitch and win new business, craft an advertising strategy and write a simple advertising plan.