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What exactly is an
"advertising idea"?

Many people think of an "advertising idea" as a mailer, a radio spot, a website or Facebook page.

To be precise, however, those are not "ideas." Rather, they are "mediums" to convey a message. And while media selection is important, it is only one part of the creative equation.

If you are a copywriter or an art director at a multinational ad agency then the term "advertising idea" means something quite different. You get paid to think conceptually, so your "ad idea" might be something like this:

- A vivid metaphor to position the product in a crowded market.

- A memorable brand character.

- A "buy one, get one free" direct response offer.

Those are all creative concepts. Or put another way, they are ideas that can be communicated in mediums such as TV or email or a Facebook page. Which brings us to the main point, that advertising ideas are intended to influence how people think, feel or act - typically about a product, a company or a service.

Ideas and Executions

The "execution" is how you bring an idea to life. For example, the idea you see in the TVC above for McDonald's goes something like this:

"A little kid walks to the playground with a bag of McDonald's fries, but he can't sit and enjoy them because his older friends keep coming by and taking them - everybody loves McDonald's fries!. Then one day he comes up with a clever solution - he hides his McDonald's fries in a Burger King bag."

From that idea comes the execution, which begins as a script and storyboard, and may evolve over time as it goes through client and creative reviews, and finally into production. And that, essentially, is how the creative team - the writer, art director, creative and film directors - bring the idea to life.

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