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Creative Branding:
Brand Personality

Every company, product or service has a personality. Your job is to find it, and define it, and express it. And the first step is to get acquainted with the company.

One of the best ways to get to know the company is to be a customer - buy the product, experience the service.

You will certainly want to meet some employees, especially the senior management team, and the customer service or sales folks who deal directly with customers.

So as you define a brand personality, be guided by the personality you see in the people, values and behavior of the company.

Some companies, especially small companies, reflect the personality of the owner, the founder, or the CEO.

Larger companies, that are well managed, reflect the corporate culture throughout the organization.

Keep in mind that the brand's personality should compliment the brand's relationship with the audience.

The Nike brand personality.

The essence of the Nike brand personality is expressed in an athlete named Steve Prefontaine who was America's premier long distance runner during the 1980s. Pre ran for the University of Oregon at the time Phil Knight and U of O track coach Bill Bowerman began making and selling running shoes at a little startup they called Nike.

Both Knight and Bowerman greatly admired Prefontaine for much more than his athletic talent. Yes, Pre was confident and fiercely competitive athlete. But he was also a rebel - an independent spirit who defied convention in much the same way as, say Muhammad Ali.

Today the Nike brand continues to express the personality of authentic athletes, of exceptional athletes, of passionate athletes. Of athletes like Steve Prefontaine.

The Nike brand has historically reflected the personality of athletes, beginning with American distance runner Steve Prefontaine of the University of Oregon.

Nike brand personality

Creative tip: Start by identifying three to five personality traits for your brand. Use those personality traits to create a brand persona or personality profile.

Don't be afraid of an eccentric or unusual trait such as "Compulsive." Do be afraid of cliche traits such as " Sexy, stylish & fun!"

Brand Personality

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Brand personality

Brand Personality