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Creative Branding:
Brand Stories

Every company, every product or service, has a story.

That story might be as short as three paragraphs for a local bank, or noodle shop or web developer.

Or that story might be as long as a book or documentary film for The Disney Company, Apple or The Ford Motor Company.

Short or long, here are some places to find brand stories.

- History of the company, how it started, why it started, how it has evolved over time.

- The founder or owner - an individual or family.

- How and where the product is made - the design, manufacturing and distribution of the products.

- How the service is delivered - the people, training and expertise.

Brand story

Creative tip: The story, whether long or short, must be expressed in a way that is beneficial or interesting to the audience. The brand story can be part resume, part fact sheet, part personality profile or part history. But it must be 100% of benefit or interest to the audience.

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Brand story