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How To Create
A World-Class Brand

This is branding for creative people - for those of you who bring brands to life in traditional, video, digital or social media.

Brand Definition

Every company has a brand, by design or by default.

And every company - big or small - can define and express their brand to enhance sales, profits and the value of the company. Here are some tools to do exactly that.

> A Brand Definition. And a brand development checklist to define your brand.

> How to create brand characters. Technique #3

> How to find and define the brand's personality. Technique #5

> How to write and present your brand's story Technique #6

> How to dress your brand: visual identity. Technique #9

> Brand Album: Featuring TV, social media and digital ads that exemplify effective branding techniques.

Above: This TV commercial uses a brand character and music to reinforce visual recognition and the brand message: Energizer batteries just keep going and going and going.

> Every Creative Director set includes:

- All 10 creative branding techniques.

- The 3 essential ingredients of world-class branding campaigns.

- Over 150 example ads in digital, traditional and social media.

- Plus, complete branding campaigns from leading technology, finance, health and beauty brands.