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Creative Brief Templates 2019

Click to get a complete set of templates from the world's leading publisher of working briefs, examples and instructional media for creative pros.

Right now you get instant online access to all professional briefs - with examples, workshops and slideshows - on every Creative Director multimedia set.

Creative Brief set

> Every Creative Director set includes:

- A creative brief template, in multiple file formats, for easy editing. This simple template is based on the classic agency brief. It comes in .doc, .pages. .pdf, and .rtf formats. With it you can create customized briefs for your shop and clients, based on the following specialized creative briefs you get on PDF:

- Basic Creative Brief to answer the five questions you must understand for every client, every project, every campaign.

- Classic Agency Brief for broadcast, print and digital projects from your existing clients.

- Advanced Brief for new business pitches, new product launches, and new campaigns. Popular with strategic planners. Excellent for uncovering consumer insights.

- Design Genius Brief covers the visual as well as the conceptual aspects of design. Take your design skills to a new level.

- Small Business Brief for local, B2B and B2C companies with small advertising budgets. Call it a Smart Business Brief.

- Social Media Brief for social engagement campaigns on blogs, Facebook or Twitter. Asks all the right questions.

- Long Format Brief for Web sites, brochures or videos - covers everything from keywords to structure.

Above, a direct response TVC.

- Direct Response Brief for campaigns to trigger clicks, visits, calls and orders. For both digital and traditional media.

- Quick Brief for small design or "change" projects with tight deadlines. This popular brief prevents mistakes and saves money.

- DIY Workshops with activity book and instructional slideshows that include TV commercials, video and sample ads.

AdCracker workshops, slideshows, templates and creative briefs are copyrighted and used daily by ad agencies, marcom groups, freelancers, and design shops from Singapore to San Diego.

> Slideshow: Example creative brief insights, objectives
and resulting ads

Creative Brief Slideshow