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Steve McNamara

Hi there, I'm Steve McNamara, an ad guy, and the creator of the Creative Director multimedia set at

I've been a Creative Director / Copywriter at several multinational ad agencies, including JWT, BBDO, Rapp Worldwide, and once on the client side at Capital One.

The advertising business has taken me around the world, with stops in

Arcadia, CA
Berkeley, CA
Newport Beach, CA
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Hong Kong, China
Jakarta, Indonesia
New York, NY
Eugene, OR

Along the way I've won several international creative awards. And I've worked with many talented Earthlings on campaigns for

Quicken / TurboTax
HongKong Telecom
Capital One ... and many other companies with cool offices and beautiful receptionists.

My elevator pitch:

I've created, pitched and sold hundreds of millions of dollars of advertising ideas. Advertising ideas expressed in TV commercials, print, and digital media.

Ideas that build brands. Ideas that drive sales.

These days I share what I've learned, and what I continue to learn, at

AdCracker publishes the Creative Director multimedia sets - a digital tool to assist the creative process, from writing creative briefs to crafting strategic branding, positioning and direct response communications.

Check it out, especially if you face the same daily challenges I've faced: creating fresh campaign concepts, under deadline, that meet the standards of an international advertising agency.

Contact me for full-time or part-time / project assignments, USA or International:

- Creative seminars at your office or offsite meeting

- Creative management or consulting services

- Creative teaching / training position

Email via AdCracker. Subject line: "Attn Steve"

PS: I'm an excellent teacher / trainer, and would love a full or part-time position doing just that. USA or International.