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Creative / Unconventional Media

You are no longer the Creative Director, the Art Director, Writer, Designer or Suit.

You have a new hat. It is embroidered, "Problem Solver." And advertising is just one of the tools you use.

Here's the deal. Clients come to you because they think they need advertising campaigns and websites. But what they really need are solutions ... creative solutions to problems like these:

- Sign-up more customers.

- Get a new product off to a great start.

- Polish the corporate brand, or put a shine on a tarnished reputation.

- Get more business from the customers they have.

- Lure customers away from competitors, like this:

So identify your client's "real problems." (Yes, she has several.) Then crack those problems with unconventional advertising. With ambient concepts that interact with the audience in their world.

Rice and spice.

The traditional approach to media selection is to identify a target audience, then find the most cost effective media options to reach that audience. For many advertisers traditional media - such as TV and websites - deliver the best ROI. For others, the addition of a social media presence on say Facebook and YouTube gets the clicks.

A creative approach to media strategy is not so simple, and can involve some of the following:

- Identify both the current digital and traditional media consumed by your audience.

- Identify trends within your audience, such as trending apps, events, broadcast, web or digital media preferences.

- Identify unconventional media opportunities, such as outdoor / ambient or live action flash entertainment.

- Identify places to reach prospects who currently do business with your competitors.

Below you'll find a few specific examples. Every Creative Director set has many more, including case studies.

Creative media

Jack has a party truck, the Munchie Mobile.

Explore new ways for customers to experience the product or service.

- A stock brokerage firm might open an Investment Cafe.

- A cosmetics company might modify a van into a product demonstration and sales vehicle. It could travel to malls, public fairs, even schools.

Creative media

Identify ways to use existing channels of customer communications.

Start by identifying all the ways the company currently interacts with customers and prospects: website, through their billing department, the sales and customer service staff, product packaging - everything.

Then consider ways to use these existing channels to turn current customers into better customers. To get referrals from them. Or strengthen loyalty.


- Include inserts promoting the full range of products - other products that might be interesting to customers.

- Provide sales people with communication tools such as emails featuring special offers.

- Perhaps the billing department could promote a customer referral program with statement inserts. And the customer service department could do the same when talking to customers on the phone.

Creative Media

Explore different media to deliver your message.

- Slideshows and video can be published on the web and distributed via CDs and USB Flash drives.

Sponsor events as a paid advertiser, but participate in creative ways.

- "We're here at the Star Trek Convention to demonstrate our advanced online banking services."

Consider partners.

- A company that sells bottled mango juice ran a promo with a large distributor of fresh mangos. They placed a small sticker on each mango sold through retail stores. "Bottled version available from Juicy Juices."

Creative Media

Explore ways to reach prospects with free samples, useful information, or even an educational class or seminar.

- Law firms and investment advisors offer classes in everything from patent and copyright protection to estate planning.

- Ad agencies and design firms deliver presentations within their area of expertise for business and professional groups.

- A pet store takes animals - fish to ferrets - to elementary schools to educate kids about different kinds of pets.

If you have a product that solves a problem, explore ways and places to demonstrate the solution.

Creative Media