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Creative Positioning

How to position a brand, company, product or service.

Creative Positioning

Of all the strategic creative tools, nothing compares to the simplicity and power of positioning. It can be:

- The easiest way to revive a failing brand.

- The fastest way to generate interest in a new blog, website or business.

- The least expensive way to increase sales for a product or service.


Positioning - it's that one thing

Positioning is easy to understand, in part because you do it all the time. Your mind simplifies information to make sense of a complex world.

Position is that one descriptive sentence or slogan a brand is known for. That one idea that comes to mind about the product. That one characteristic that sets the service apart from competitors, for example:

- BMW is the Ultimate Driving Machine.

- In Jakarta, Indonesia, Bluebird Taxi is "The safest way to travel by taxi."

Creative Positioning

How to position a company, product, service or brand.

To understand "positioning" you need to understand something about the way you think.

Your mind - wonderful organ that it is - simplifies and organizes information in a way you can act upon.

Example: Let's say you need some toothpaste. And let's say there are two places you regularly shop that have the toothpaste you use. One is the local convenience store that we'll call MiniMart. And the other place you can get that toothpaste is MegaMart, which strangely looks very much like Walmart.

Toothpaste time, and those two stores spring to mind. If your brain erupted with every memory and detail, with everything you know and have ever experienced at those two stores, you would be overwhelmed, incapacitated.

But your brain does you a favor. It organizes information in a way that makes practical sense, and presents you with two options. Your brain says:

"Shopping for toothpaste at MiniMart is faster, but more expensive."

"Shopping for toothpaste at MegaMart will take more time, but you'll save money."

And with that, you can decide where to get your toothpaste.

Creative Positioning

Microsoft has taken the lead in the effective use of strategic advertising practices. Apple seems to have lost its mojo.

You can see how the brain simplifies and "positions" all sorts of things, from stores to products, from individuals to career options.


San Diego State is "a party school."

Avis "tries harder."

Your co-worker Bill Wilson "spreads malicious gossip."

So to position a company or brand, you will rely upon the natural ability of the human brain to simplify and summarize.

Specifically, you will assist your audience (of brains) by telling them exactly how to position your product, service, company or brand. Like this:

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