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Product Outline

The Creative Director Multimedia set is a working tool for creative professionals.

It ships on a high-speed, high-capacity USB Flash drive to accommodate thousands of text, video and image files on instructional slideshows and printable workbooks.

Today, Creative Sets are used by copywriters and designers, marketers and educators, from Singapore to San Diego.

Section 1 : Insights +

> Slideshow Introduction: How to Build Brands and Drive Sales with Powerful Advertising Ideas

> How to use CIT - Consumer Involvement Theory.
A fast way to learn a lot about consumer behavior.

> How to conduct client interviews.
The fastest way to get information and insights.

> How to conduct customer interviews.
It's how you create and sell winning campaigns.

> How to create a persona.
Bring the audience to life as a Larry or Linda.

Section 2 : Creative Briefs

> Creative Brief Template.
This template is based on the classic agency brief. It's available in multiple file formats. And with it you can cut and paste questions from the specialized briefs to create the perfect customized brief for your shop and clients.

> Basic brief.
Just five questions. The five most important questions for every client, every project.

> Classic agency brief.
This is the brief you prepare for new projects from current clients.

> Advanced brief.
This is the brief you should prepare for new business pitches, new product launches, and new campaigns.

> Long format brief.
For Web sites, brochures or videos this brief covers everything from keywords to structure.

> Direct response brief.
If you're out to influence behavior - to get clicks, calls and action - here's the brief for you.

> Social media brief.
Social media projects - blogs, Facebook, Twitter - have a unique set of issues. Here's a brief to address them.

> Quick brief.
This is a brief for those small projects with tight deadlines from your regular clients.

> Small business brief.
For local, b2b or b2c companies with small advertising budgets.

> Design genius brief.
A brief for design projects that covers the visual as well as the conceptual aspects of design.

> Sample classic brief.
Each section of this sample brief has two parts. First is an explanation of what to write - how to answer the question. Second, it provides written examples from live briefs, covering everything from consumer insights to demographic profiles of a target audience.

> Slideshow: How to Write A Creative Brief.
Multimedia slideshow featuring expert tips, insights and examples to improve your brief writing skills. Expanded version with additional examples.

> Article: 10 Tips To Best Selling Creative Briefs.
Includes: Think big. Don't kill the creative. Find ways to get the buyer into the brief.

> Creative Brief Workshop and Activity Books.
Scroll down for workshop details.

Section 3 : Strategic Creative Tools

> Introduction: The strategic creative tools are branding, positioning, direct response and media. What makes them strategic? They are the creative tools that can have the greatest impact on sales, profits and the value of a company.

Creative Branding

> What is a brand?

> How to create and characterize a world-class brand.

> The 10 most effective branding techniques.

Example brand campaigns

> Elements of world-class branding campaigns

> Apple - technology.

> Dove - health & beauty.

> Geico - auto insurance.

> Brand Album - example TV, print and digital ads.

Creative Direct response

> Introduction: The Big Picture.

> Theory: Attention. Arousal. Action!

> The 10 most effective direct response offers.

> Top creative tips & techniques.

> Strategic creative maxims.

> 10 ways to kick ROI.

> Direct Album - example TV, print and digital ads.

Creative Positioning

> Introduction: How to position a company, product, service or brand.

> The 10 most effective positioning strategies.

> Positioning tips & tricks.

> Positioning - A reality check.

> Positioning Album - example TV, print and digital ads.

Creative Media

> Introduction: Unconventional, ambient and guerrilla communications.

- How to get creative media ideas.

Find your audience in their real and digital worlds.

(Albums with case studies and examples of unconventional, ambient and guerrilla communications are located in the Ad Albums section.)

Creative Ads

Section 4 : Creative Techniques

> Introduction: Creative techniques are tactical communication tools - the tools you use to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotion, and change what people think.

> Effective dramatic techniques
Each technique has a detailed explanation, tips on how to use it, and example ads. Techniques include emotion, motivation, character development and more.

> Effective persuasive techniques
Each technique has a detailed explanation, tips on how to use it, and example ads. Techniques include rational and emotional benefits, demonstrations, problem / solution and more.

> Techniques Album - Example ads in TV, print and digital media.

Section 5 : Ad Albums

The world's best commercial communications in traditional,
digital and social media.

Update - Volume #32:

> Short format film & video
TV, Internet and social media examples < 1:30

> Long format film & video
TV, Internet and social media examples > 1:30

> Traditional +
Print, ambient / outdoor, unconventional / guerrilla

> Digital 1
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WWW ads.

> Digital 2
Direct response and branding email communications

> Ideas & Case Studies
Original ideas and video case studies.

Creative Ads

Creative Archives:

- Advertising Album # 31

- Advertising Album # 30

- Advertising Album # 29

- Advertising Album # 28

- Advertising Album # 27

- Ambient Album # 10
Featuring outdoor, guerrilla and unconventional media examples.

- Special Album # 10
Featuring case studies, long format creative, Direct Response TV.

- TV Archive Album # 1
Hundreds of the world's best TV commercials over the past decade, including high concept / low budget.

- TV Archive Album # 2
Hundreds of the world's best TV commercials over the past decade, including high concept / low budget.

Section 6 : Pitch & Win +

> How to pitch & win new business - an insider report.

> How to create better ideas, faster - an insider report.

> How to evaluate creative work - an insider report.

> SWOT - How to conduct a SWOT analysis.

> Brainstorm - How to conduct a brainstorming session.

> Theory - First principles: think, feel, do.

> Ideas - How to create advertising ideas.

> Strategy - How to create an advertising strategy.

> Plan - How to write an advertising plan.

> iConceptor - a digital tool to trigger ad ideas.

Section 7 : Workshops

The Creative Workshops and Activity Books give you the option to learn or to teach skills that meet international standards of creative excellence.

The slideshows can be shown via projector or computer screen to groups - or they can be viewed individually on any laptop or desktop. They use the latest Adobe Presenter technology, similar to Keynote or PowerPoint.

Advanced Creative Brief Workshop

Part 1 - Why A Creative Brief? | SWF slideshow | PDF slides |

Part 2 - How to Collect Info, Extract Insights | SWF slideshow | PDF slides |

Part 3 - How To Write A Classic Creative Brief | SWF slideshow | PDF slides |

Part 4 - Advanced Brief Writing Tips | SWF slideshow | PDF slides |

Workshops Activity Books on PDF:

> Introduction

> Insights & Creative Briefs

> Branding

> Direct Response

> Positioning

> Creative Media

> Dramatic Techniques

> Persuasive Techniques

About The Workshops

The workshops and activities are based on the creative development process at an international ad agency. They use exactly the same material used in the five star rated Live! Creative Workshops presented by Steve McNamara.

- The workshops contain proprietary information on direct response and branding techniques. So you'll get rare insights into the creative development process, from initial strategy through creative briefs to the techniques that work best.

- The workshops are an excellent value for real-world, professional training. The cost is a fraction - a small fraction - of comparable seminars or classes. And they work just as well for large groups as for individuals.

Unconventional Uses

The workshops make excellent educational presentations to clients, prospects and local business organizations. Teach to sell. Raise your profile. Win new business.

- Present "Lunch & Learn" seminars. Your place or the client's conference room. This is a proven way to get more business from current clients.

- Co-sponsor a seminar with your local ad club or chamber of commerce. As both an educational event and a way to recruit new members.

- Conduct a campaign development day. Each activity book takes you step-by-step through the creative process. In the end you'll have a complete campaign - or three - and scores of individual ads. This process works for individuals or teams.

Agencies such as Ogilvy, Publicis and JWT use the Creative Brief presentations to conduct one-day staff development workshops. For the price, it's the best professional training program on the planet.

There are many ways to use the workshops, and you'll use them for many years to come. You can train your team. Kick-start brainstorming sessions. And learn a trick or 20 yourself.

Credits and Copyrights

The Creative Director set was created by Steve McNamara, an international award-winning copywriter and creative director. Steve has worked at several of the world's leading ad agencies, including BBDO, JWT, Rapp Worldwide and once on the client side at Capital One.

CD Sets include text chapters, video, slideshows and DIY workshops. The delivery media is a PC / MAC compatible high-speed, high-capacity USB Flash drive that accommodates gigs of content.

CD Sets are published by, a US based company that creates and markets digital training tools. All content is subject to modification, removal or enhancement without notice. Copyright 2019 Steven Lorin McNamara. All rights reserved. All example ads, brands, images and trademarks are the property their respective owners, and may not be reproduced without written permission from the rights holder.

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