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Strategic Creative Tools

The Strategic Creative Skills

The soft creative skills exist only in your mind. They were formed there, over time, as you studied and gained experience as a communications professional.

Those soft skills might include the knowledge to write a creative brief, find consumer insights or conduct a brainstorming session.

Four of those soft skills can have the greatest impact on sales, profits and the value of a company. That makes those four your most powerful strategic creative tools.

> Branding

> Positioning

> Direct response

> Media

Advertising Strategy

> Strategy. How to create a killer advertising strategy. What's going on in your market, and what are you going to do about it?

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- Current best practices in the soft creative skills, from insights to briefs, branding to direct.

- Gigs of contemporary examples in traditional, digital and social media.

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Stratigic / Tactics

> Click for slideshow: Advertising Strategy.

This slideshow explores the difference between tactical and strategic communications.