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Advertising Techniques

Creative advertising techniques are communication tools - the tools you use to attract attention, engage minds, trigger emotion and change what people think.

All of which can lead to clicks, calls and customers.

You'll make stronger ads if you use the techniques that best express the qualities of your product or service. And you might find a creative breakthrough in techniques that are unexpected in the product category.

Here are some examples that work in traditional, social and digital media:

> 1 Create an interesting character.

> 2 Make it human: personification.

> 3 Take it over the top: exaggeration.

> 4 Pick a niche: demographic positioning.

> 5 Say it symbolically: metaphors and similes.

Advertising Thechniques slideshow

Slideshow: Creative advertising techniques.

> 6 Evoke an emotion.

> 7 Promise a specific benefit.

> 8 Present a testimonial.

> 9 Lead with a problem, offer a solution.

> 10 Engage with dramatic conflict.

> 11 Express rational and emotional reasons.

> 12 Tell a simple visual story.

> 13 Sell it with sex ... sometimes.

> 14 Reveal motivation.

> 15 Get really gritty real.

To identify an advertising technique, just ask,

"How does this ad work? How does this ad build the brand, evoke emotion, get people to take action, or plant a belief in the minds of shoppers?"

Advertising techniques

Above: This ad differentiates and positions the product in the cluttered beer market.

Creative techniques have energy. The strength of that energy is measured in relation to a target audience. Specifically, creative techniques have the energy to


Creative techniques can influence what people think, what they do, feel or remember. For marketers, creative techniques can convert people to prospects and shoppers to buyers.

Creative Advertising Techniques

Above: Cute kid adds an emotional dimension to a direct response digital ad.

A single ad can employ multiple advertising techniques. And any effective technique has the versatility to work in any medium, including mail, print, websites, radio, TV, digital or social media. For example, the technique "personification" can work just as well in a TV commercial as a social media blog post.

There you have it. There you have the creative advertising techniques that provide the power to successful communications.

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Above: This TV commercial uses two techniques, realism and a product demonstration.

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