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Advertising Technique:
Dramatic Conflict

Dramatic conflict can instantly break through the clutter and draw the audience into your ad.

The essence of drama is conflict. And that conflict can be between:

- Husband vs. wife.
- Mom vs. her children.
- New employee vs. sexually aggressive boss.
- Molly vs. a little voice in her head.
- Girl Scouts vs. nature.
- Dog vs. mailman.
- Teenager vs. her smart phone.
- Creative Director vs. client.

A few creative tips:

- Create a hero. But try to avoid "expected" or "nice guy" heroes. Instead, consider mischievous kids or animals. Or people with flaws and weaknesses. Like a grandfather with a speech impediment. Consider characters with unusual ways of thinking. Like the woman who believes UFOs visit regularly to steal our best automobiles.

- You might give your protagonist a goal, an objective, something she really really really wants to achieve.

- You might also need some bad. Bad guys, bad creatures, bad luck, bad weather, bad relatives or bad aliens. Come to think of it, bad relatives can be almost identical to bad aliens. But don't use bad politicians or bad lawyers. There are so many of them already. Boring.

It's always nice to resolve to the conflict, you know, like a happy ending in the movies. But it's not necessary. Because dramatic conflict is, most importantly, a way to engage viewers in your ad.

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Creative Techniques

Creative Techniques