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Advertising Technique:
Evoke An Emotion

Emotional themes, imagery and music are excellent tools to trigger positive feelings that can be transferred to a product, company or brand.

Broadcast and digital media are ideal mediums to trigger emotion. Radio, film and TV let you tell stories and support those stories with music and characters.

Music is your most potent creative tool. It has the power to spark an instant response in the audience, particularly if the music is familiar, well liked, and associated with strong feelings such as love or loss, anger or elation.

In print, certain types of imagery reliably evoke emotion, such as:

- Weddings - consider non-traditional ceremonies and settings.

- Families and relationships - who doesn't love their mother?

- Babies / kids - true for humans of all types and ages.

- Animals - especially cute little critters, or big critters doing cute things.

Toxic Creative Warning: If you use traditional imagery, avoid cliche imagery that shouts "cheap stock photo!" If you can't find or afford an interesting visual, then crop or Photoshop / enhance the image to achieve a fresh look.

Every country, every culture has celebrities, historical events, visuals and music that can trigger strong feelings, such as:

- An Olympic medal presentation with the national anthem.

- An influential political, athletic or religious figure such as Gandhi.

- Historical social struggles, such as for civil rights and racial equality.

Creative tip: Music can be expensive. Which is no problem for BigBank and MegaMobile. But it can be challenging for small business clients. And that opens interesting opportunities for creative development.

You might, for instance, connect with the local music scene to find collaborators. If you have musical talent on your team you could express it with a small investment in hardware and software. Or perhaps even sponsor a musical talent show, open to anyone within the company or community.

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