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Advertising Technique:
Explore Motivation

What would a customer do to get a new Tark? Walk a mile? Cheat his wife at cards? Steal one from a child? Why does everyone want a Tark, anyway?

Creative Technique

Why do people shop, select and buy as they do? Do they love your client's pogo sticks? Do they hate the competitors non-existent customer service? Are they compulsive comparison shoppers? Do they buy famous brands as an expression of their ego?

These are the areas you'll explore with this technique.

- What would a man do to save money on his expensive cellular service? Would he learn to talk super fast, or in code?

- How would a buyer behave who was crazy in love with his new uGo car? Refuse to get out?

- How do banking customers react when leaving their branch after spending way too much time in line? Do they literally blow their heads off?

Creative tip: Explore circumstances. Sometimes a situation can influence motive and dictate action.

Say, for example, our friend Ms. Kara is in the grocery store and notices people sprinting past her towards a Pepsi display. They fill their shopping carts with six packs of soda then hurry off. As Kara gets closer, one shopper takes the reaming few packs.

What would Kara do?

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Creative Technique

Creative Technique